Education and Entrepreneurship are the gateways to a prosperous world.

Educate a girl, and you not only change the trajectory of her life, but of her family and community.

Kairos Society

We believe the brightest young minds have the potential to innovate in areas where old industries and governments have failed. As a first step, we work tirelessly alongside our community to tap our world’s future leaders and immerse them in a network of likeminded peers (the Kairos Fellowship).

When a young innovator takes the leap to build a company, we have a stage for them to share their venture with the world (the Kairos 50). And when a company starts to break out, we put our money where our mouth is with funding (Kairos Fund).

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Endowed Scholarship in Business and Computer Science & Engineering

Endowment for Uncompensated Care

Endowment for Uncompensated Care